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    Women Who Wine - A Ladies ONLY Affair

    Women Who Wine - A Ladies ONLY Affair


    This is the schedule for November. Sign up now!  

    * Thursday, November 8 = Roses, Rosado, Rosato...PINK WINE!

    * Thursday, November 15 = Gobble Gobble...Thanksgiving is around the corner.  What do we drink? 

    * Thursday, November 22 = THANKSGIVING CLOSED - NO WWW

    * Thursday, November 29 = There's more to white than Pinot Grigio! 


    WHEN: Sessions begin at 7:00PM
    HOW MUCH: $35 per person, purchase your ticket online and get a $5 discount. Please note we are capping the series at 20. With the weather becoming so gorgeous and pleasant, we'll be hanging out on our under the Miami moon.


    Did you know women choose and buy eight out of every 10 bottles of wine that are drunk at home?

    Say what???Yes sirree! It's the ladies who are calling the shots these days when it comes to picking, choosing, drinking our favorite libation. So here we go, a wine series that is just for YOU - just for WOMEN; fellas need not apply.

    A few tidbits of info for yer brain:
    1. 66% of the U.S. women spend an average of between $11 and $20 per bottle.
    2. Most women who enjoy wine as a treat at the end of the day admit that they prefer to drink it alone - in the bath.
    3. Six out of 10 women drink wine at least once a week.
    4. 80% said they enjoyed drinking wine because they liked the taste.
    5. 70% said they enjoyed because it goes well with food.
    6. 42% turn to wine merchants.
    7. 36% consult magazines.

    So now, rather than turning to a wine merchant or a magazine, simply turn to us! We'll be happy to steer you in the right direction. All wines at the tasting will be available for retail purchase.
    $35.- per person, plus tax and gratuity - purchase your ticket online and get a $5 discount.
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